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This website is designed to help you recognise what’s happening to your well-being in the course of your work over time. There are six sections that look at various aspects of your life and work, the results of which will show you if you are developing Vicarious Trauma (VT).

Check how you are going regularly, every 3 – 4 weeks, and especially following witnessing or being involved with a traumatic event. Let your rating tell you when to heed the warning signs of VT and seek help.

About VT Check

These questions are designed to identify something you may already be feeling or experiencing in yourself. They cover 6 aspects of everyday life that may be affected by your work and help you notice how you are going.

You can go backwards and forwards through the questions and you will get a result depending on how you answer each question.

Over time you will get a picture of your general well-being with relation to Vicarious Trauma. The results will point you in the direction you need to take and your history will give a you a snapshot of how you have been.

This is a preventative tool.

It works best when you use it every 3-4 weeks or after a critical incident.

If you haven’t used it for 3 months you will get a reminder to check on yourself.

Each page has more information about the purpose of the questions in that section.

The Helpful Links page gives you some resources to turn to, but the best alternative is to use your agency support systems.

Using this tool

Your answers to the questions and your results are completely private. Any data collection from this tool is managed through several levels of security to protect your identity.

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